Why Everyone Wants the AquaBox: Complete Aquaponics Kit

Insight into the reasons for why the AquaBox may help many beginner and intermediate aquaponics enthusiasts take their game to the next level.

Updated: November 21, 2023
Jeremiah Zac


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This article will dive into the details of the AquaBox, a handcrafted complete aquaponics system custom-made in Northern California.

If you're a beginner, excited to start your own aquaponics system, or someone with a bit of experience who's looking to expand your skillset, then you'll want to continue reading on why I believe the AquaBox can significantly help you in ways you might not expect.

The Reality for Many of Us Enthusiasts

My first encounter with the idea of aquaponics came unexpectedly during a conversation with a friend a few years back.

When he heard that I had a deep interest in gardening as a self-sufficiency practice, he unraveled an intriguing story about a closed-loop system resembling nature that involved an intimate relationship between fish waste and veggies.

I clearly remember him using the words “revolutionary” more than once.

While I couldn't quite match his enthusiasm at that point, he did plant a seed. And my own research eventually led me to fully appreciate the beauty that is aquaponics.

I consumed videos, books, articles, tutorials, and everything aquaponics-related until the only thing left was to get my eager hands dirty.

"I Really Want to Get Started with Aquaponics, but I'm Clueless about all the Technical Stuff"

Of course, there was a significant problem that I didn’t originally account for:

My excitement to build my first infinite food system might have outweighed my experience with numbers, science, and construction.

To be completely honest, I really thought that I knew what I was doing, but I was a bit in over my head.

I thought I had a general enough understanding of the science behind aquaponics based on the resources and videos I’d come across.

But when it came to pulling the trigger and building my first system, I was a bit lost.

The PVC pipes, water pump, reservoirs, and all the fittings, didn’t quite fit the way I had envisioned in my mind.

The end result was something that resembled an aquaponics system but didn’t quite function like one: the pump wasn't the right size, the water wasn't cycling correctly, and I just couldn't figure out the deal with the pH level.

I spent the next several months in a cycle of trial and error: buying the wrong parts, forcing things together that shouldn’t be, measuring things incorrectly, breaking stuff, and, worst of all, wasting lots of time, energy, and money.

Let me be clear: It isn't completely unmanageable for a beginner to learn how to build an aquaponics system from the ground up. In fact, many beginner's courses do very well in walking through the exact steps.

My problem was that I was just too eager to get started. So I rushed a bit, sized things incorrectly, ignored a lot of the math, and had to learn from my mistakes a few times over.

Fast forward to today, I’ve gathered enough knowledge and experience to comfortably build and manage my own aquaponics setup, but I certainly had to learn the hard way.


There’s an important realization that I wish I had come to back then and that I continue to share with others today.

That is, take the time to learn the very basics of aquaponics and gain some real hands-on experience before attempting to build your first system. It will save you lots of time, energy, and money.

And the best way to learn and gain experience is to start with an already-built, properly functioning aquaponics system.

This way, you can start logging your experience hours on day one.

-   You’ll witness how the nitrogen cycle works firsthand.

-   You’ll observe how fish thrive in specific conditions.

-   And you’ll learn the purpose of each component and how they function together in unity.

The knowledge you’ll have under your belt is arguably more valuable than the system itself.

AquaBox: The Hard Part is Done So You Can Focus on Growing

There are a handful of high-quality, complete aquaponic systems available for the residential user.

Some are smaller tabletop systems capable of hosting smaller fish and growing small quantities of herbs and vegetables.

Others are much larger systems that occupy several square feet of floor space.

But one of them, in my opinion, tops them all.

In terms of size, build quality, functionality, and overall aesthetic appeal, the Aquabox is the perfect complete aquaponics system for someone who’s serious about starting but wants to make a good investment with long-term benefits.

It’s the perfect size for one to intimately observe the totality of the nitrogen cycle and get hands-on experience right away, all while harvesting generous amounts of vegetables on a regular basis.

But the real beauty of the AquaBox is that it's already carefully designed – all the components are specifically measured to function as one unit. There will be no guesswork on your part.

That means you can start getting hands-on experience right away.

And when you do decide to build your own system, you won't be as ill-equipped as I was.

Plus, the longevity of the AquaBox will ensure that it will never outlive its usefulness, even as you grow as an aquaponics gardener.

Everything You Need in One Box

The AquaBox is handcrafted in Northern California from custom wood components.

From the build quality alone, it is easy to notice that nothing about this system is cheaply made – but is meant to be used for longevity.

The natural wood finish makes it quite a decorative fixture for any setting.

With a 30-gallon reservoir and a 33 x 58” flood table, this complete aquaponics system is meant for serious vegetable growing – capable of harvesting a variety of vegetables regularly.

Complete with all the necessary and properly sized components, including a water pump, drain tube, clay media, and all the fittings, the Aquabox is ready to go as is.


  • Custom Wood Flood Table Frame
  • Custom Wood Reservoir Frame
  • 30-Gallon Reservoir (35" x 35" x 14")
  • Flood table (33" x 58" x 8")
  • (2) Root Royale Hydro Clay Pebbles (50L/13Gal)
  • Water Pump
  • Drain Tube
  • Fill/Drain Fitting
  • AquaCycle Aquaponics Fish-less Cycling Kit

Much More than Just a Beautiful, Durable Aquaponics Kit

If you’re certain that you’ll eventually want to have your own aquaponics system one day but might be a bit overwhelmed by all the sizing and calculating involved with building your own or might not have the means or tools to set it all up, the AquaBox is ready for you to get your feet wet and start aquaponics right away.

It’s pricier than a small desktop aquaponics system, but it’s large enough that you can actually harvest enough vegetables from it as a food source.

Serious aquaponics gardeners will likely expand beyond the AquaBox at some point, building larger and more expansive systems to increase their yield. But the long-lasting aspect of the AquaBox will always keep it a valuable, functioning system in anyone’s repertoire – using it as a control system while testing out other fish species and plant combinations. So, the AquaBox will never outlive its usefulness.

Where Can I Buy It?


Because the AquaBox is custom-made, production is limited to the number that can be produced on demand. Only qualified vendors carry the AquaBox and thus must be ordered through them. Retailers such as Dealzer, GrowAce, and GrowersHouse are some of the few businesses that distribute it for the manufacturer.

Join in with the other AquaBox users and click one of the buy buttons below and get taken to the secure purchase page.

Total Weight: 165.00lb
Total Height: 26” tall
Top Box / Grow Bed: 33” wide / 58” length / 8” tall
Bottom Box / Reservoir: 35” wide / 35” length / 14” tall
Stand: 25” wide / 46” length / 18” tall

    • No need for sizing parts - all components are pre-measured and compatible
    • Use 90% less water than traditional gardening
    • Grow vegetables and eat fish for off-grid or
      homestead setting
    • Aesthetically compatible for home or office setting
    • Beautiful custom wood frame
    • Handcrafted and designed in Northern California


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