Collection of Companion Planting Charts, Guides, and PDFs

A list of companion planting charts and guides from various permaculture and gardening websites.

Updated: July 25, 2023
Jeremiah Zac


Companion planting is the practice of growing different species of plants together for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Also known as permaculture guilds, certain combinations of plants, such as cauliflower, spinach, and peas, seem to thrive off of each other and do well in close proximity. Other combinations, such as cabbage and grapes, might prove to be disharmonious and can cause some problems for both plants.

While there are some tried-and-true combinations, such as the three sisters (corn, beans, squash), which have been used for generations, there are many other combinations that are being discovered through trial and experimentation.

Because of the myriad of various combinations of companion planting and permaculture guilds, some have organized them into useful charts and guides for easy access.

In this post, we've compiled a list of companion planting charts, guides, and PDFs from various websites. Be sure to visit these sites for more content on permaculture and companion planting.

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Companion Planting Charts

IDEP Foundation

IDEP is a non-profit organization based out of Bali, Indonesia. Their goal is to provide education and training for sustainability and community resilience.

Their website hosts a variety of resources related to permaculture and sustainable living.

This companion planting chart details a wide range of vegetables, their companion counterpart, and their antagonistic counterparts.

Download the PDF version here, or from their website:

Green Future

Green Future is a website focused on climate change, renewable energy, and sustainable living. Their companion planting chart provides combinations for many popular vegetables.

View it here:

Anglian Home

Anglian is a home improvement company in the UK which emphasizes energy efficiency and sustainability. Their blog, Good to Be Home, has a great infographic on vegetable growing and specific section on companion planting.

View it here:

Gaia's Organic Gardens

Gaia's Organic Gardening provides full organic gardening and landscaping services, workshops, and hosts horticulture projects for their local communities.

Their website also features resources and downloadable content for homesteading, gardening, and permaculture design.

Get their free companion planting guide here:

Companion Planting Chart / Afristar

Afristar Foundation

Afristar, an organization based out of South Africa, designs and implements sustainable development programs for the communities.

Their website hosts a variety of resources for permaculture design and other sustainable development methods.

Purchase their companion planting chart here:

Companion Planting Chart / Windowbox


Windowbox is a company that creates small-space gardening solutions, particularly for window ledges.

They've created a great vegetable companion planting chart which can be found here:

Homestead and Chill

Homestead and Chill is a website that provides articles related to homesteading and vegetable gardening.

Find their companion planting chart here:

More Companion Planting Guides and Resources

Mother Earth News - Companion Planting Guide
Mother Earth News is a website dedicated to providing articles and resources related to homesteading and sustainable living. This companion planting guide features information on how to plant a variety of vegetables and legumes.

Urban Farmer - Companion Planting
Urban Farmer is an online vendor for seeds and plant supplies. This companion planting guide features a visual table and downloadable chart for vegetable companion planting.

Old Farmer's Almanac - Companion Planting Chart
The Old Farmer's Almanac features a wealth of farming and planting information. This post features a simple chart for vegetable companion planting.

Burpee - Companion Planting Guide
Burpee is an online seed vendor which features valuable gardening information. This companion planting guide features a variety of popular vegetables.

Gilmour - Companion Planting Guide
Gilmour is a gardening supply vendor. This companion planting guide features information on how to plant a variety of vegetables, roots, and legumes.

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