RainFlo 430: Complete Rainwater Harvesting System

The RainFlo 430-AG is a complete rainwater harvesting system assembled by RainHarvest.com. Complete with 430-gallon tank, water pump, and pre-filter, this package contains everything you’ll need to get up and running.

Updated: November 13, 2023
Jeremiah Zac


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This article will highlight the compelling benefits of using the RainFlo 430-AG complete rainwater harvesting package by RainHarvest Systems.

For those interested in setting up a rainwater harvesting system, there are certain practical reasons why getting a complete system upfront makes more sense than buying each part individually. Read on to find out why.

This article will also highlight several other complete packages of varying sizes.

A Time and Place for DIY

Eddie Kopp / Unsplash

I’m a DIY advocate for most things in my life – home improvement, electronic devices, haircuts.

I love the idea of being involved with every step of a project, making adjustments as needed, and keeping my skills sharpened for the next one.

It’s the independence mindset that most of us self-sufficiency folks are driven by.

But there's a common problem among us DIY, build-it-yourself, detail-oriented folk that is a bit hard to admit.

That is, being able to recognize when it’s just more practical NOT to do it ourselves.

With Rainwater Harvesting, a Fresh Start is the Best Start

rain barrels / jbolles / flickr

rain barrels / jbolles / flickr

My current rainwater system is highly customized to my liking, complete with overflow valves and extra tanks.

But it definitely didn't start out that way. I've spent a lot of time building, learning, and experimenting with different configurations until it became the system it is now.

For someone starting with little experience in rainwater harvesting, there are some advantages to buying a complete system rather than piece-by-piece, as it could spare a lot of time and expense.

While buying each part individually will allow you to customize the entire system according to your preference, it will certainly require some calculating, measuring, and lots of pre-planning. Looking back, it wouldn't have been a bad idea for me to start with a complete system and add customizations later on.

Now, if you don’t mind all the planning, trial and error, and mathematics, then you already know what to do. There are some good resources on this website that can lead you to some great online suppliers.

But if you’d rather make it a bit easier on yourself and would like to start collecting rainwater now and customize it a bit later on, then there’s no better system to start with than what’s being offered on RainHarvest.com.

The Real Experts in Rainwater Harvesting

logo rainharvest systems

RainHarvest Systems is an online retailer for rainwater harvesting supplies specializing in residential and commercial products. They’re based out of Georgia, USA, and I’m proud to be affiliated with them due to their high-quality supplies and excellent service.

I’m particularly excited to share their complete rainwater harvesting system packages with you.

Assembled by experts in the rainwater harvesting field, these packages contain all the necessary components for a fully functional rainwater collection system, all accurately sized and fitted so that you can start collecting rainwater immediately.

One of the main problems beginners encounter is being unsure about the necessary sizes for each component, especially the pump. If the pump's horsepower is too low or too high for the size of your system, it can result in poor water flow or damage to the pump. Pump sizing is a very detailed process that can be frustrating for those without much experience.

All of the components for each package are compatible with each other, saving you time and frustration.

Now, let's explore one of the premier rainwater harvesting packages in their catalog.

RainFlo 430-AG: Your Complete Rainwater Harvesting System

Graf Hekules Rain Barrel / Graf

The RainFlo 430-AG Collection System is simply one of the best, most complete rainwater harvesting systems available for purchase from any retailer.

The experts at RainHarvest Systems have taken their time in comprising a system that covers everything a rainwater collector would need to harvest large amounts of rainwater for domestic use.

Complete with a 430-gallon above-ground tank, ½ HP pump, pre-filtration system, water gauge, and all the necessary fittings, this package is ready to turn rainfall into a reliable water source.

With a 430-gallon above-ground collection tank, this system is able to accommodate areas with heavy rainfall. The downspout filter will protect the tank from debris and other problematic contaminants, allowing it to be used for longer-term water storage.

The ½ HP water pump provides a means for the storage water to be channeled through any water system. At a max of 17 GPM and 34 psi, this pump can handle a variety of uses, including irrigation, gardening, and car washing.

The entire system can also be easily integrated into your home’s water filtration system, making the RainFlo 430-AG a significant source of drinking water.

The water meter allows you to monitor the total amount of water you're using throughout the system, providing important data for recording your water usage.

And finally, all the hoses, adapters, and fittings provide every part you'll need to get this system up and running quickly.

Start Simple, Expand As You Go

Constructing a rainwater harvesting system from scratch does have its pros – being able to choose each component yourself gives you much more control. But as we iterated earlier, there can be a significant amount of measuring and calculating involved.

The beauty of the RainFlo 430 system is that all that sizing is already done for you. With easy installation instructions included, all you’ll need to do is set it up.

Once you're familiar with all the parts and all the inner workings of a rainwater harvesting system, should you choose to, you can customize and add additions as you see fit. Perhaps include an overflow tank or route the rainwater to your indoor purification system. But doing so will be much easier and make much more sense once you've understood the basics.

Where Can I Buy It?

logo rainharvest systems

If you're serious about starting a complete rainwater harvesting system, then head over to Rainharvest Systems to check out the RainFlo 430-AG. Click on the button below to be sent to their product page where you'll get more details on the price and shipping.

  • 430-gallon Graf Herkules Poly Tank
  • RainFlo ½ HP Pump
    • 17.6 Max GPM
    • 34 Max PSI
  • Downspout Filter
  • 1" Water Meter
  • Connection Hardware Kit


Other Complete Systems of Varying Sizes

RainHarvest Systems also has complete systems of varying sizes depending on your needs.

The Graf Mondo package includes a 137-gallon above-ground rain barrel and stand, with a ½ HP pump and a downspout diverter.

The RainFlo Eco School Deluxe package includes a 350-gallon tank, ½ HP pump, and downspout diverter.

And finally, the RainFlo 500 Complete System includes a 500-gallon tank, 1/2 HP water pump and cover, pre-filter, overflow kit, water gauge, and hardware kit.

Check them out below.

  • 137-Gallon Graf Rain Barrel
  • 13" Rain Barrel Stand
  • 1/2 HP Garden Water Pump
  • Rain Barrel Downspout Filter


  • 350-Gallon Graf Rain Barrel
  • 1/2 HP Garden Water Pump
  • Rain Barrel Downspout Filter
  • Pump Connection Kit


  • 500-Gallon Norwesco Rain Barrel
  • 1/2 HP Water Pump
  • Polyslab Pump Cover
  • 1" Stainless Steel Floating Filter
  • 3" Rain Harvesting Tank Overflow Outlet Kit
  • 3" Rain Harvesting Leaf Eater Advanced
  • 3" Rain Harvesting First Flush Diverter
  • Rain Harvesting Tank Gauge
  • Pump Connection Hardware Kit


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