GoSun Flow: Portable Solar Water Purifier and Faucet System

The GoSun Flow is an excellent solar filtration system that allows you to bring a portable, clean water station to almost any location.

Updated: February 3, 2023
Jeremiah Zac


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Access to clean, potable water in an off-grid setting is limited as is, but meeting all the water needs that one would have in a domestic environment is even more improbable.

That is, without GoSun's solar water purifier. The GoSun Flow is a portable purification system that provides potable water through a sink and faucet system. With its solar-powered pump and collapsible sink, you can have continuous clean water just about anywhere.

Key Features of the GoSun Flow

  • Removes 99.99% of pathogens, including viruses
  • Solar-powered pump for continuous flow
  • Portable sink and faucet system for washing, cooking, cleaning
  • Adaptable for warm showers

GoSun is a small company from Cincinnati, OH that creates solar-powered devices for resilient, sustainable living. From portable stoves to solar-powered water purifiers, GoSun allows people groups of all regions to live self-sufficiently with their product line.

GoSun also provides funding to support NGOs such as The American Red Cross and GlobalGiving.

GoSun has shipped its products to over 70 countries throughout the globe and has donated over 1,000 units for the advancement of solar education.

How Does it Work?

Solar / Flow Pro / GoSun

Solar / Flow Pro / GoSun

The GoSun Flow works as an automatic pump and filtration system that is versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways.

Filter anywhere

The filter is comprised of activated carbon and nano-alumina, providing an effective block against 99.99% of harmful contaminants, including viruses. This allows you to drink water from any natural source without the worry of ingesting harmful pathogens. The filter can be connected to the pump and water can be dispensed out of the faucet and sink or it can be attached to a water bottle and used straight from the source.

Solar-powered pump and faucet system

The pump is powered by a small solar panel which allows up to 15 psi of water to flow through the faucet and into a collapsible sink. With a water source nearby, such as a creek or lake, you can have continuous water in the right weather conditions.

The faucet is detachable and can be secured to any surface. The GoSun Flow Ultimate version includes a solar-powered heater that provides warm water. With this set-up, you can construct an off-grid shower system with warm, clean running water.

  • Max Temp: 120 degrees F
  • Power Input: 2W
  • Port: USB
  • Power Source: Solar, USB
  • Filter Life: 1,000 liters
  • Flow Rate: 0.9 Liters per minute
  • Max Pressure: 15 psi

GoSun Flow in Action

Washing Hands / Solar Water Purifier / GoSun

Washing Hands / Solar Water Purifier / GoSun

The GoSun Flow provides many conveniences one would not normally find in an off-grid or outdoor situation. Because the GoSun Flow is so versatile, there are several different situations where it might be used.

Outdoor Events

For outdoor events, the GoSun Flow might be used as a temporary faucet for providing clean drinking water or to be used as a handwashing station. In this case, a large container of water, perhaps filled by a garden hose or tap, will be needed as the main water source. The GoSun will pump water from this source and will provide clean water as long as there is water available. The faucet and sink can be set-up on a table where anyone can access it freely.

Shower / Flow Ultimate / GoSun

Shower / Flow Ultimate / GoSun

Camping / Backpacking

For camping or backpacking, the GoSun Flow can provide clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing given a water source is nearby. Select a location where there is a stream, river, or lake, and set-up the GoSun nearby to allow a continuous stream of purified water.

With the GoSun Flow Ultimate, secure the faucet to a tree branch and use the water heater to provide a warm shower. The sink can be used as a temporary water container to pump water from, allowing for a quick, warm shower in the location of your choice.

Off-grid Living / Developing Communities

For more long-term living situations, the GoSun Flow can meet some of the basic hygiene needs a bathroom can provide. By using a water source such as a stream or groundwater from a well, the GoSun Flow can provide purified water for drinking, and clean flowing water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

GoSun Flow Promo Video

Where Can I Buy It?

  • Filters out 99.99% of pathogens
  • Solar-powered pump for continuous flow at 15 psi
  • Collapsible sink
  • Movable faucet head

  • Filters out 99.99% of pathogens
  • Solar-powered pump for continuous flow at 15 psi


The GoSun Flow is an excellent solar filtration system that allows you to bring a portable, clean water station to almost any location. It can be used as a handwashing station for outdoor events, a purified water dispenser and warm shower for camping, or a long-term hygiene station for off-grid living or developing communities.

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