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The purpose of this directory is to provide useful information on the various topics related to clean water preservation and sustainability. Here are NGO, governmental, corporate, and informational resources from around the web. If you'd like your organization listed please let us know in the contact form below!

"Access to a secure, safe and sufficient source of fresh water is a fundamental requirement for the survival, well-being and socio-economic development of all humanity. Yet, we continue to act as if fresh water were a perpetually abundant resource. It is not."


NGO and Non-Profit


Non-profit project founded by Matt Damon and Gary White which pioneers market-driven financial solutions to the global water crisis.

World Resources Institute

WRI's water branch which works with businesses, governments, and civil society to ensure a water-secure future.

World Water Day

World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water.

Charity Water

Open-book non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Water Lex

International non-governmental organization which aims to secure the human rights to water and sanitation through law and policy reform.

World Water Council

An international multi-stakeholder platform organization whose mission is to mobilize action on critical water issues at all levels, including the highest decision-making level

The CEO Water Mandate

The CEO Water Mandate mobilizes business leaders to advance water stewardship, sanitation, and the Sustainable Development Goals – in partnership with the United Nations, governments, peers, civil society, and others.

Pacific Institute

A global water think tank that combines science-based thought leadership with active outreach to influence local, national, and international efforts in developing sustainable water policies.

International Water Law

Serves as the premier resource on the Internet for international water law and policy issues, whose purpose is to educate and provide relevant resources to the public and to facilitate cooperation over the world’s fresh water resources.

The Water Project

A non-profit organization unlocking human potential by providing reliable water projects to communities in sub-Saharan Africa who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation.

Sky Juice

Non-profit organization based in Australia which aims to reduce the ill health and disease of children through improved water and sanitation.

Save the Water

U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to solving the world water crisis through water science research and by forming alliances with organizations, scientists, universities, media, businesses, and governments around the world.

Clean Water Fund

Based in Washington, DC, Clean Water Fund operates locally staffed environmental and health protection programs serving communities in more than 15 states.

Water Aid

UK-based non-profit organization working in 28 countries to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

Lifewater International

Christian non-profit organization with nearly 40 years of experience across 40 countries.

Water is Life

NGO providing clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene education programs to schools and villages in desperate need.

The Last Well

NGO whose mission is to provide access to clean water for the entire nation of Liberia by 2020.

Columbia Water Center

A branch of Columbia University's Earth Institute, this center focuses on researching and addressing global water-related challenges

Three Avocados

Christian NGO coffee company who uses 100% of net proceeds to provide clean water to stressed areas

Pure Madi

An interdisciplinary collaboration of students and faculty at the University of Virginia, Pure Madi is working to provide sustainable solutions to global water problems

World Ocean Observatory

Leading organization advocating for the health and sustainability of the ocean through an accessible worldwide network of communication

Hope of Life

Christian missions organization providing food and water to the impoverished people of Guatemala.

Water for Good

Non-profit organization focusing on tackling clean water problems in the Central African Republic


NGO focused on addressing both the AIDS epidemic and the global water crisis in Africa

Pure Water for the World

NGO whose mission is to improve lives by empowering people with access to life’s most basic necessities…safe water and sanitation

NGO focused on addressing the global water crisis from multiple, effective angles

Borgen Project

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Borgen Project is a nonprofit organization that is addressing poverty and hunger and working towards ending them

Water and Health

An organization whose mission is to promote science based practices and policies to enhance water quality and health by advising industry, health professionals, policy makers and the public

Compassion International

Compassion partners with thousands of local churches in 25 countries to bring safe water and improved sanitation to the children in their care. Clean water helps them stay healthy, remain active in school and focus their energy on overcoming poverty.


Governmental Agencies

U.S. Geological Survey

USGS Water branch whose mission is to collect and disseminate reliable, impartial, and timely information that is needed to understand the Nation's water resources.

National Water Information System

Web interface by US Geological Survey which provides data on water sources collected throughout all 50 US states and territories.

UN Water

UN-Water coordinates the efforts of UN entities and international organizations working on water and sanitation issues.

World Bank

Information on the World Bank's plan for "A Water-Secure World for All."

Corporate and For-Profit

Best Water Technology

For-profit company which provides products, technology, systems, and services in all areas of water treatment.

IWA Publishing

Leading supplier of water, wastewater and environmental publications, in both print and online format,

The World's Water

Annual journal by Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick which provides resources for community leaders, health officials, academics, students, and others whose work touches on freshwater.

Water for the World

A joint project by Borealis and Borouge which aims to provide products and solutions that improve access to water in much needed areas of the world.

Global Hydration

An experienced company providing access to the most innovative and proven water treatment solutions available on the market today

Miya Water

Luxembourg based company, Miya, is a provider of end-to-end integrated solutions in urban water efficiency and an operator of water assets

Information and Resources

Clean Water for Laymen

Online resource for information on practical ways to finding, developing, and delivering clean water to those in need.

Water Benefits Health

Wealth of information about the health benefits of proper and adequate clean water consumption

Freshwater Ecoregions of the World

Interactive maps locating freshwater eco-regions around the world

Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas

Part of the Freshwater Information Platform, the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas is an online information resource featuring maps of global freshwater sources.

Freshwater Information Platform

The Freshwater Information Platform is an online resource of data and tools for science and policy for freshwater research.

Circle of Blue

Website responsible for gathering trusted news and information regarding freshwater policy and data from around the world.

International Water Association

Largest network of water professionals with members and staff from 130 countries, with the goal of progressing water management worldwide.

The Nature Conservancy

A joint effort by PepsiCo and The Nature Conservancy to increase recycling and protect water at its source.

Water Scarcity Solutions

Put together by the 2030 Water Resources Group, Water Scarcity Solutions is a vast, accessible catalogue of best practice solutions to addressing the growing water scarcity challenge 

Water Education Foundation

Water Education Foundation features the Water Academy, a vast online resource of various articles on all subjects related to water sustainability

The Water Channel

A useful online resource providing hundreds of educational videos on understanding all aspects of the global water crisis

Water Filtration Directory

A directory which specializes in helping consumers, businesses and the industrial sector to find high quality water filtration and water system suppliers

Consumer Notice exists to inform the public about the health and safety risks associated with defective products, environmental dangers, data breaches and other hazards and to present legal options to those who have been injured through the fault of another person or entity.

Sustainability and Survival

Websites and blogs which focus on sustainability, survivalism, prepping, off-grid living, and homesteading

The Southern Homesteader

Vendors and Manufacturers

Tank and Barrel

A family owned business which features a large selection of water storage tanks of various sizes and manufacturers.

Brondell RO Systems

Official website for Brondell reverse osmosis systems for residential use.

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