Indonesia Is Sinking: Urgent Need for Systemic Solutions

This article details one person’s experiences with water problems in an Indonesian village and how her “machete method” may not only solve problems in this region, but in others as well.

Updated: May 14, 2023
Desiree Driesenaar


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Indonesia is sinking and my heart weeps salty tears. My partner Mike and I are in the village Timbusloko on Java. Oceanic water drops are wetting my cheeks and this is what I see.

“Soon, the windows will become doors”
— Pak Eko, project leader Wetlands International

So, what can we do? How can we deal with these water problems?

Recently, I got an idea for a practical systemic solutions recipe. The Machete Method. I wrote this article about it.

Semarang / Desiree Driesenaar

Zoom out

Make radical choices

  • Concrete and asphalt are smothering the earth, making it impossible to store water in the soil

Elephant / Pexels

Systemic Solutions for Drinking Water

Desalinating water

Water Cycle Restoration

Phasing-out Groundwater Extraction

Systemic Solutions for Eroded Coastlines

Systemic Solutions for Impenetrable City Surfaces

    Work with all stakeholders


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    Desiree Driesenaar