WaterLily Turbine Review: Your one device for endless energy

The WaterLily Turbine is a portable hydropower device that generates energy from rivers or streams.

Updated: December 19, 2023
Jeremiah Zac


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UPDATE: The company that produces Waterlily and Windlily Turbines has been inactive since 2020, and there are no updates on when and if production will continue. Any news on the company's status will be posted in this article.

I’ve relied on solar-powered battery banks as my primary charging device for the majority of my outdoor and off-grid ventures – charging everything from cellphones, cameras, and radios, to lights and electric stoves.

And while there will always be a time and place for this configuration, there are two major disadvantages to relying on solar batteries for energy.


Solar charging is very slow.

Solar panels tend to take a long time to convert sunlight into reusable energy, stored within the battery bank. A typical portable battery bank will require 25-50 hours of direct sunlight in order to reach full charge capacity.

It can take even longer when sunlight is obscured by clouds or isn’t directly exposed to the device.

The second disadvantage has to do with portability.

Smaller batteries can be carried on a short hike or backpacking trip and might fulfill the short-term needs of charging cellphones, cameras, and other small devices.

But larger batteries – suitable for sustainable, off-grid destinations – will require some planning for transportation, as they can be quite heavy.

The WaterLily Turbine Might be the Answer to Off-grid, Outdoor Sustainability

The WaterLily Turbine is a portable, lightweight device that uses the power of flowing water to create electricity – which can be used to charge devices or stored in a battery bank.

Whether it's for charging cellphones and cameras on a day hike, or for providing long-term power to a remote, off-grid sanctuary, this river-powered turbine will provide you with energy more reliably and consistently than solar batteries.

As long as there is a river or creek nearby, one can essentially have unlimited running energy.

This is my review of the WaterLily Turbine.

Key Features of the WaterLily Turbine

  • Provides up to 15 watts of continuous power
  • 24/7 energy harvesting - day or night
  • Harvest energy regardless of weather conditions - snow, rain, fog
  • Provides 8x more daily wattage than a 14-watt solar panel
  • Easy to pack and transport
  • Comes in USB or 12V output

Who makes the WaterLily Turbine?

Seaformatics is a Canadian company that specializes in hydropower technology and has spent 10 years perfecting a portable device that can generate energy through River Power.

The WaterLily Turbine is the result of the dedication of CEO Andrew Cook, who sought to create technology that can provide energy through nature, whether it be for work, recreation, or off-grid living.

Now, the WaterLily is being used in more than 50 countries worldwide.

How Does it Work?

Water Lily Turbine / The Henry Ford / Youtube

Water Lily Turbine / The Henry Ford / Youtube

Generating electricity from river flow

Hydropower turbines generate energy as water flows through the blades, causing them to spin. This energy is then converted into electricity.

The WaterLily is designed to work in areas where water is flowing at a constant speed, like a river or a stream. Thus, providing constant energy as long as it remains in motion.

It has stainless steel lanyards that are used to secure the device to a fixed object such as a rock or tree branch, allowing the WaterLily to absorb the full force of the river while remaining suspended.

The stronger the water current, the more energy generated. The device requires a minimum flow of 0.7 mph but works best at 7 mph where it can provide its maximum output of 15 Watts.

A ten-foot power cord connects the electricity generated from the WaterLily to any device that needs to be charged, whether it be a phone, tablet, or power bank.

WaterLily: River Turbine Generator Kit

  1. Perfected Blade Design
    Blade design has been developed from over 10 years of research and testing
  2. Frictionless Drive
    Charge in water flows less than 1mph, or from strong gusts on windy days
  3. 10 Foot Charge Cable (Not drawn to scale)
    Devices are kept safe while charging with an abrasion-resistant cable
  4. 20% More Power
    WaterLily pushes out 20% more power than the original turbine with upgraded circuitry and electrics means
  5. Durable, Drop-Proof Housing
    Built to withstand impact and rough nature of outdoor activities
  6. Removable Stainless Steel Lanyards
    4 flexible removable lanyards for mounting purposes
  7. Sealed Female USB Connector
    Up to 15W when you need it, waterproof flaps to keep the USB port clean and dry when you don’t. (USB Output Option)
  8. Chainable SAE Connector
    14.6V of power through a versatile SAE connector. Daisy chain multiple turbines for more power. (12V Output Option)

WaterLily River Turbine Technicals Specs

  • Output: 5V regulated USB output, up to 3A or 14.6V DC, up to 2A
  • Max Power: 15W
  • Connector: USB 2.0 or 2-pin SAE
  • Cord Length: 10 feet (3m)
  • Weight: 2.85 lb (1.3 kg)
  • Size: 7" diameter × 3" thick (180mm × 76mm)
  • Minimum flow required: 0.7 mph (1 km/h, 0.5 kt)
  • Flow for peak power output (15 W): 7.2 mph (11.5 km/h, 6 kt)
  • Maximum water speed: 9 mph (15 km/h, 8 kt)

The WaterLily River Turbine in Action

Water Lily Turbine Underwater / The Henry Ford / Youtube

Water Lily Turbine Underwater / The Henry Ford / Youtube

Better than Solar?

The WaterLily works great for generating continuous energy if a stream or source of flowing water is nearby.

One of the main advantages the WaterLily has over solar power devices is that it can provide continuous power throughout the day, regardless of whether the sun is out or not. At 15W, the WaterLily can provide a maximum of 360 watts per day, which is 8 times as much as a 14W solar panel.

It is important to note that in order to reach 15W, the WaterLily must be placed in water that is flowing at a minimum of 7 miles per hour. The less powerful the flow of water, the less energy produced.

Who is it for?

The WaterLily is the perfect off-grid energy device for anyone who seeks sustainable energy and is nearby a river or stream. Its portability allows it to be transportable in a pack and easily deployed as needed.

For a backpacker or overnight camper, it can easily serve as a quick energy source to power up all your small devices. For the more long-term, off-grid homesteader, the WaterLily can also serve as a more permanent energy source in the right location.

The WaterLily has two power options: a USB version and a 12V version. The USB version comes with a USB adapter for all USB-compatible devices and charges up to 15W. The 12V version comes with an SAE connector and can charge up to 14.6V. The 12V version can also be daisy-chained with multiple turbines for additional power.

The USB version might be more suitable for backpackers and campers while the 12V version might be more suitable for those seeking a more long-term, off-grid establishment.

User Reviews

Teddy B. - verified buyer
Awesome Piece of Machinery!
I am completely amazed by My WaterLily. I was looking for a device that could give me extensive power return beyond my solar panels. Not only does the WaterLily fit the bill, it provides two of my three-pillar approaches to acquiring energy for camping or in the case of emergency... An absolute gamechanger in expedient charging! Thanks Folks! 

Remi D. - verified buyer
A must
The French Pyrenees are filled with small rivers, being able to be autonomous in the middle of nature is essential, this system really allows me! Light in the middle of the night without using batteries is among other things a huge advantage for me... Really happy with the product, maybe a second 12v model soon. Thanks for that from France.

Where Can I Buy It?

The WaterLily Turbine will give you reliable and consistent energy for your outdoor and offgrid endeavors. Click on the button below to purchase one from the manufacturer's website and take advantage of their 20% OFF deal going on right now.

  • Provides up to 15 watts of power
  • 24/7 energy harvesting - day or night
  • Harvest energy regardless of weather conditions - snow, rain, fog
  • Provides 8x more daily wattage than 14w solar panel
  • Easy to pack and transport
  • Comes in either USB or 12V output


The WaterLily Turbine is the perfect device for the backpacker, outdoor enthusiast, and off-grid homesteader to utilize the power of water and have a sustainable energy source. With two different power options, you can choose to either have a USB power cord for charging compatible devices at 15W, or a 12V version which allows for daisy-chaining multiple WaterLilies for more power. Order yours today.

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