WindLily Turbine Review: Generate Electricity From the Wind

The WindLily Turbine is a portable wind turbine created by the manufacturers of the WaterLily. Capable of generating 15 watts of power in 16 mph winds.

Updated: December 19, 2023
Jeremiah Zac


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UPDATE: The company that produces Waterlily and Windlily Turbines has been inactive since 2020, and there are no updates on when and if production will continue. Any news on the company's status will be posted in this article.

Wind energy can be harvested with turbine technology and used for a number of off-grid applications. 

Portable wind turbines allow for an even wider variety of uses. The WindLily, designed by the manufacturers of the WaterLily, is a portable wind turbine that can generate 15 Watts of power from 16 mph winds.

Key Features of the WindLily Turbine

  • Portable turbine can be set up in any location
  • Easy to pack and transport
  • Provides 15 watts of power in 16 mph winds
  • Can provide a maximum of 23 watts in 22 mph winds
  • Comes with USB or 12V output

Seaformatics is a Canadian company that specializes in hydropower technology and has spent 10 years perfecting a portable device that can generate energy through River Power.

After the success of the WaterLily Turbine, the team at Seaformatics created the WindLily turbine for harvesting wind energy in off-grid situations.

How Does it Work?

WindLily Turbine Sunset / Youtube / WaterLily

WindLily Turbine Sunset / Youtube / WaterLily

Generating electricity from wind

The WindLily works as an attachment to the WaterLily turbine, and includes all the necessary components to convert the WaterLily into a fully functional wind turbine.

Because the bundle also includes the WaterLily river turbine, the entire turbine package can be used as either a river turbine or wind turbine, depending on the environment and weather conditions.

Included in the WindLily turbine package is:

    • 1x WaterLily Turbine
    • 1x WindLily Accessory
    • 1x Multipurpose Mount
    • 1x Emergency Hand Crank

WindLily Set Up / Youtube / WaterLily

WindLily Set Up / Youtube / WaterLily

The WindLily blades are attached to the WaterLily turbine, and then attached to the tripod mount. The fully assembled Wind Turbine can then be positioned in an area with adequate wind speeds to generate electricity.

On average, the WindLily can generate 15 watts of power in wind conditions of 16 mph. The WindLily can handle a maximum of 22 mph winds, generating up to 23 watts of power.

The power generated from the WindLily is enough to charge small devices with as much electricity as a wall outlet. Like the WaterLily, the WindLily is available in either USB connection or 12V output options.

The USB version is ideal for charging small devices while the 12V option is ideal for daisy-chaining and routing power into a battery bank.

WindLily Turbine Technicals Specs

Windlily bundle / WaterLily

Windlily bundle / WaterLily

  • 7" diameter × 3" thick (180 mm × 76 mm)
  • Minimum wind speed: 7 mph (10 km/h, 5 kt)
  • 15 Watt Output: 16 mph (25 km/h, 13.5 kt)
  • Maximum 23 Watts: 22 mph (36 km/h, 19.5 kt)
  • 10 ft / 3 m power cord

Where Can I Buy It?

  • Provides up to 15 watts of power
  • 24/7 energy harvesting - day or night
  • Harvest energy regardless of weather conditions - snow, rain, fog
  • Provides 8x more daily wattage than 14w solar panel
  • Easy to pack and transport
  • Comes in either USB or 12V output

WindLily / WaterLily


The WindLily Turbine is the perfect device for the backpacker, outdoor enthusiast, and off-grid homesteader to utilize the power of the wind and have a sustainable energy source. As an attachment to the WaterLily, the entire device can be set up as either a wind turbine or water turbine, depending on the environment. Both configurations generate 15 watts of power and can be ordered in either USB or 12 volt versions.

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